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Posted by Community Admin on Mission:Lifeline Blog Jul 28, 2017 10:34 AM CDT

Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition

This program recognizes EMS teams across the nation for their vital role in providing timely treatment for STEMI patients through Mission: Lifeline systems of care. 

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    I'm Looking for information on grants for AED's.  Buchanan County EMS Assocation is doing a fundraiser to purchase 24 AED's for Law Enforcement, EMA and Conservation Officers.  Does anyone have any ideas?

    Joe Rawson
    BCEMSA Chai...
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    Thank you all for asking about the 2018 Mission: Lifeline EMS REcognition resources. Our apologies for them not being avaialble on the website yet. If there are any immediate needs that I can help with, please feel free to email me direct...
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    The EMS Mission: Lifeline recognition program has an open application period that will start on January 1, 2018.  There is no patioent level data that is required.  We just finished up our FY and are a little behind getting the tools out a...
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    I asked the same question a month ago. I was told they were working on it and were planning on launching it in a week. That was three weeks ago. Hoping it is fixed soon, due to run volume, each month that goes by makes it much more difficult t...