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Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition

This program recognizes EMS teams across the nation for their vital role in providing timely treatment for STEMI patients through Mission: Lifeline systems of care. 

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    Our biggest challenge is just combing through all the data, as we run a call volume of about 20,500 annually in an urban setting in Southern California. We just were awarded the Silver Plus recognition and were the first in our County to ac...
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    Mark, interestingly enough, we face that same thing in one of our divisions.  Rural south Ga EMS.  The crews strive to meet all the measures for ML recognition but due to low call volume, they missed the minimum of 4 STEMI patients by 1 thus...
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    Rural area, low call volume and provider by-in are the 3 big ones for us
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    Biggest challenge is getting the EMS/pre-hospital arrival information.  Often the referring hospital sends a copy of the transferring record, but EMS does not provide it upon arrival. Not all EMS services have electronic access gra...