American Heart Association Scientific Statement addresses gaps in training that lead to flat survival rates for cardiac arrest victims Statement Highlights: Addresses gaps in resuscitation training that lead to flat survival rates for cardiac arrest victims. Standardized online and in-person courses are falling short and not always ... more...
Posted by Stacia Hickey on Mission:Lifeline Blog Jun 21, 2018 3:14 PM CDT

Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition

This program recognizes EMS teams across the nation for their vital role in providing timely treatment for STEMI patients through Mission: Lifeline systems of care. 

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    Hello, Awarded agencies should have received an awardnotification email from their local AHA Quality Director. We shouldhave a list to post on the Mission: Lifeline community page withinthe next two weeks. Thanks! With Heart,Sta...
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    Any word yet on when you will be announcing who achieved each level?
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    Prehospital activation. Typically our service is 30-45 minutes away from any hospital. To cut down on time and be compliant in FMC to Device time, we need to go directly to cath, instead of going to the ER where the patient stays for ~20 min...
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    Hi Allison,

    We have recently launched our new GWTG-CAD Updated IRP Platform that includes enhanced functions and reporting features. If you would like a demo of the program feel free to reach out to your local AHA Director, Lynn Serdyns...