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Posted by Stacia Hickey on Mission:Lifeline Blog Jul 11, 2018 2:48 PM CDT

Mission: Lifeline EMS Recognition

This program recognizes EMS teams across the nation for their vital role in providing timely treatment for STEMI patients through Mission: Lifeline systems of care. 

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    Good Morning Jordan,

    I checked the link this morning, and although it says that the interactive map is coming, I could not find a list of EMS Recognition winners on that page.


    Craig Prusansky
    Quality Improvement Coordinator
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    Hi Mark Price‍ , We have updated the list- please see the new list in the News section here: 

    Let us know if there is anything else you need!
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    Unfortunately, there are no exemptions from the age requirements for the recognition measures. The ECG 12 Lead related measures' 35 years or older age requirement aligns with national EMS standards regarding what patients re...
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    Hi Mark,

    I noticed some discrepancies on the list and pulled it down to further review it for accuracy. A new list recognizing 2018 award achieving agencies will be posted by Monday, July 16th. Thank you for your patience.