Ada County Paramedics, a three-time Mission: Lifeline recipient, describes their collaborations with hospitals and doctors to improve STEMI care. Ada County Paramedics, a three-year running recipient of the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline award for its improved STEMI process is regularly asked by other EMS agencies for advice ... more...
Posted by Kerstin Wiggins on Mission:Lifeline Blog Oct 12, 2016 12:03 PM CDT

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    We just reposted an article from ems1.com about why building a healthyworking relationship between paramedics and hospitals is critical to success. 

    Here's a snippet from the article:

    Ada County Paramedics found the newly implemen...
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    I came across this article online yesterday "Why I Used Uber Instead of an Ambulance" in PC Magazine and wondered what a roomful of EMS and Hospital professionals would have to say about it. Post your comments below! 

    Here's an excerpt:
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    Hi,You are correct. There were some final changesto be made and it will be released. Do me a favor and send me yourcontact info so I can keep you informed. Thanks for theinquiry.Art ArtMiller, RN/EMT-PMission: Lifeline DirectorGWTG-...
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    I guess I am not seeing the excel reporting documents.  Could you clarify their location so I can start documenting?